Outbound Telemarketing Services with Guaranteed Results!

Appointment Setting


Appointment setting isn't just a necessity, it's an essential resource to help capture market share, build your business and achieve your revenue goals. By utilizing our services, we become a vital extension of your business. It eliminates the cost of recruiting, hiring, training and maintaining an in- house call center. Appointmentsetter gives you the peace of mind by doing the foot work for you.

Group Benefit Brokers:

 We specialize in group benefit leads

  • Is it "the" decision maker?

  • Do they have the right number of employees?

  • When is the next renewal?

  • Are they presently taking quotes?

  • Are they happy with their current rates?

  • Are they happy with their current broker

    Let us get you in the door!

How it works

By offloading your duties with outsourced telemarketing, your team is able to focus on closing deals - leaving sourcing those deals to professionals like AppointmentSetter, guaranteeing your ROI in the process.



Five reasons why you should choose us for your marketing campaign.


  • Your meetings are booked with the right decision maker.

  • They have expressed a need, pain point or interest in your services.

  • Your prospects have been thoroughly briefed and educated about your services and value proposition.

  • They have agreed to meet with you and/or your representative at a specific time and date.

  • Guaranteed Results. You only ever pay for qualified appointments and leads!


Let's Get Started




Data List

Before we proceed with your  campaign, we will do a details consultation to asses your

needs and requirements so we can focus in on your

target market.

We will work with you to recommend and/or customize a list from our data base of over 30

million contacts in the

US and Canada.




We will develop and tailor 

a details script to suit your particular marketing

approach, that will inform

and educate potential customers.



After you are completely  satisfied that all of the necessary pieces for a successful campaign 

are in place, then we will

launch your campaign.

Results Delivered

At the end of each day you will receive all booked appointments via email along with all revelvant contact details so you can go out and close the deal.



Lead Generation


The process of generating both telemarketing leads and appointments are the same, except in the case of a lead, we simply qualify the prospect (based on your list of criteria before hand), the prospect is then properly qualified on the phone based on those criteria and all relevant details is collected and forwarded to you on a daily basis so you can follow up, market to and/or arrange to meet with the prospect.


Database Updating + Validation


Anyone can import a list into a database.....once!!! Data is one of your most valuable business assets, but like anything of value, it needs to be kept in good working order and up to date by maintaining and updating records of your customers, partners and competition.


We undertake correction of contact details of companies and contacts that may have moved to a different address or have changed their phone numbers and/or personnel. Purchasing of new raw data is likely to be cost prohibitive, then there's the added cost of verifying that raw data.


This is where our expertise comes in. We specialize in verifying existing or new and/or raw contact data. We don’t use software or other technical methods. We will call each and every company and contact in your database and speak with them directly. We will do a complete and comprehensive verification of each contact along with all their current details and update your data list with current information.


Customer Satisfaction Surveys


It almost always costs less to retain a customer than it does to replace them. Identify areas of success and challenges in your business by capturing valuable, first hand feedback from your customers to improve customer retention and maximize long-term loyalty. Respond proactively to real time dissatisfied customer feedback and take immediate action to resolve serious complaints.











Product Launch Notifications


A successful product launch involves preparing for its impact on your existing customers and your organization. While a product’s new features are exciting for new and prospective customers, they represent change for your existing customers. We will reach out to new and esiting customers and notify them of new product launch, updates and collect valuable feedback so you can assess the impact.